Our privacy policy

You know, the idea of writing a privacy policy makes our eyes glaze over. We would rather be writing software applications. And we’d rather not pay a mountain of cash to a lawyer to do it either.

But, we know that we should have one to tell you what we do with your data and we know that we need one to comply with legal requirements. So, here goes, our privacy policy in its entirety…

We don’t want your data and we don’t keep your data except in these specific instances:

  • We use Google Analytics to understand what helps people to find our website and how long they stay here. Please see the Google Analytics privacy policy for more information.
  • We ask you for your name and email address if you want to contact us.
  • Our web host provider could, we assume, be required by government agencies to hand over data that it collects on website visitors. But we don’t see that data (except whatever we can see through Google Analytics).

The cookies that are used by our website are as follows:

view_cookie_policyPersistent1 yearSet by us to remember whether you have "accepted" our cookie policy.
_gaThird-party, persistent2 yearsSet by Google as part of Google Analytics and is 'used to distinguish users'.
_gatThird-party10 minutesSet by Google as part of Google Analytics and is 'used to throttle request rate'.