Screenshots Of Venus  The Sun

Venus & the Sun

  • A mobile app built around a short film called ‘Venus & the Sun’, produced for a film production company.
  • The producers were determined to release their film as an app.
  • We advised that Apple would want pure video content released as a video in the film section of iTunes.
  • We therefore agreed to add some ‘extra’ features to the video to create an app that Apple would approve and the ‘Venus & the Sun’ app was born.
  • The app had to launch at the same time as press coverage was to be generated of the film’s star Keeley Hazell and the movie premier, so the deadline was immovable; we met it!
  • As well as the short film itself the app features a ‘magic 8 ball’, a photo gallery and a ‘spin the bottle game’.
Point of interest

The app is marketed under the Purethinking imprint.

This app is available on the iPhone App Store