Screenshot Of Sales Fulfilment System

Sales and fulfilment

  • A custom database application that manages contacts, warehousing, sales and packing for a bar snacks importer.
  • It has full contacts management (i.e. people and organisations).
  • It manages products, including differential price lists (i.e. different price bands for different customers).
  • It tracks sales, including order confirmation and invoicing: sales documentation is generated pre-branded from the database.
  • It has a full suite of management reports: by customer, by product and by time period.
  • A tracking panel on every job states instantly the stage that a job has reached in the process.
  • It has a labour scheduling function, including the auto-generation of emails that get sent to personnel detailing their jobs for the week.
  • It has been deployed on Mac O.S. computers (though it runs seamlessly cross-platform), using peer-to-peer hosting for local and remote access.
Point of interest

This custom database application has a dashboard showing the queue of orders at each stage of the order process – i.e. the financial value of orders waiting to be packed, dispatched, invoiced and paid; this enables cash-flow bottlenecks to be seen immediately and encourages staff to push orders faster through the process.