Screenshot Of Project Management System

Project management

  • A custom database application that manages projects, clients and communications for a change management consultancy.
  • It has full contacts management and a communications hub that produces branded letters, faxes, purchase orders, invoices, proposals, meeting minutes, file notes and email printouts.
  • The proposal system is designed around a menu of different options for every stage of the client’s business process, thereby reducing a process for writing proposals that used to take days down to one that can be completed in a few hours.
  • It has mailshot functionality, both postal and digital, the digital version of which can be either plain text or H.T.M.L.
  • At its core, the system is a project management tool: from pre-proposal, through resource allocation to job completion.
  • It contains a Gantt chart to enable resources to be scheduled and dragged-and-dropped into place.
  • It has been deployed on Mac O.S. computers (though it runs seamlessly cross-platform) and is hosted on FileMaker Server supported by SyncDeK to synchronise globally-dispersed copies.
Point of interest

This custom database application integrates a lot of external technologies into the FileMaker database. As well as using SyncDeK, it deploys web technologies (H.T.M.L., C.S.S and javascript) to generate graphical elements such as the Gantt chart, drag-and-drop functionality and type-ahead pick lists.