Patient questionnaires completed on Android tablets

Questionnaire software for Android tablets

  • A custom FileMaker database that generates questionnaire software for Android tablets.
  • Patients complete a medical questionnaire on an Android tablet whilst waiting for a consultation. They complete additional questionnaires during subsequent visits over a period of two years.
  • The answer to every question is submitted in real-time to the FileMaker database, meaning that the patient can pause, even across different consultations, and complete the questionnaire at a later time.
  • Clinical research staff analyse questionnaire submissions from within the FileMaker database.
  • A chart displays primary indicators emerging from the survey, for example symptomatic change between questionnaires.
  • Data are¬†exported from the FileMaker database to Excel and statistical software.
  • Staff can see at-a-glance how many questionnaires any given patient has completed and can view each questionnaire.
  • In-built searches enable clinical research staff to identify patients who are overdue in completing a questionnaire and generate an email containing a link for the patient to complete the questionnaire at home (using any modern web browser).
  • It can be run on computers running Mac and/or Windows operating systems.
Point of interest

This does not require FileMaker Go, which is an app that only works on iOS devices. FileMaker, however, is an excellent choice for generating questionnaire software for Android tablets (amongst other things). Please contact us to find out more.