Screenshot Of Orderbook System


  • A custom database application that manages the multi-billion dollar order book for a telecommunications company.
  • It tracks the annual order book and assigns orders to contracts and regions.
  • It has colour-coded errors and a messaging mechanism so that data omissions or inconsistencies can be flagged and dealt with.
  • It generates an extensive range of reports used for management accounting purposes, in a variety of formats.
  • It generates monthly reports that are fed into an online reporting package.
  • It has a labour scheduling function, including the auto-generation of emails that get sent to personnel detailing their jobs for the week.
  • It has been deployed on Windows O.S. computers (though it runs seamlessly cross-platform) using FileMaker Server plus Citrix for fast access by staff on five continents.
Point of interest

This custom database application takes orders from the corporate ordering database software via an X.M.L. interface that runs automatically every five minutes.