Screenshot Of Logistics And Billing System

Logistics and billing

  • A custom database application that manages trucks, customers, suppliers, logistics and billing for a road haulage company.
  • It tracks jobs, records the date and the journey, allocates the truck and captures weigh bridge details.
  • It batch invoices when the jobs have been completed for the week.
  • It generates self-bills for contractors that supply some of the trucks, based on percentage or amount-based keep amounts.
  • It has live information panels on most job screens to advise the client, for example, of current month’s revenue to date or, if viewing the list of today’s allocated jobs, today’s projected revenue.
  • It contains a full suite of management reports, including customer analysis.
  • It generates an export for linking to the client’s accounts package.
  • It has been deployed on Windows O.S. computers (though it runs cross-platform), using peer-to-peer hosting for local and remote access.
Point of interest

This custom database application contains a routine that auto-sends an S.M.S. to the driver’s mobile phone containing all of the details of the job.