Screenshot Of Charity Membership System

Charity membership

  • A custom database application that manages membership details, including financial transactions, for a charity.
  • It manages the charity’s membership, tracking how the members pay and when their current membership period lapses.
  • It provides a post log, so all items can be sorted and allocated to appeals, renewals, donations, etc.
  • It manages financial transactions including standing orders and one-off receipts.
  • It prints remittance sheets and reconciles standing orders with bank reports.
  • It has been deployed on Windows O.S. computers (though it runs seamlessly cross-platform), using peer-to-peer hosting for local and remote access.
Point of interest

This custom database application was designed to be extremely simple with minimal customisation of FileMaker’s interface and menus, the idea being that the charity staff would be able to make future edits to the software themselves.