BulkMaster is bulk haulage software


  • Advanced bulk haulage software for running a bulk haulage business.
  • It handles all paperwork (e.g. invoices and self-bills).
  • It calculates what you need to pay your sub-contractors.
  • It produces on-screen and printable reports.
  • It has integrated Google maps to visually verify routes and reduce addressing errors.
  • It has in-built SMS text messaging.
  • It can be integrated with your accounts software (e.g. Sage).
  • It can be run on computers running Mac OS and Windows O.S.

For much more information, including prices, please see our dedicated website at www.bulkmaster.net.

Point of interest

It is possible for the software to be accessed via tablet (iPad or Android) to enable weigh bridge tickets to be scanned immediately and transmitted back to the office.