Screenshot Of Book Inventory And Sales System

Book inventory and sales

  • A custom database application that manages stock, authors, customers, sales and events for a poetry publisher.
  • It has full contacts management plus a communications hub that generates branded letters, faxes, purchase orders, order confirmations and invoices.
  • It has customer management functionality, including mass-mailing lists.
  • It has a book inventory, including processing of stock reports from external distributors and the auto-update of stock quantities after every sale.
  • It calculates author royalties automatically for every order (based on the royalty calculation and parameters provided for every book) and generates the author royalty reports.
  • It has event tracking, so that the customer can analyse changes in sales in bookshops local to an event.
  • It has a labour scheduling function, including the auto-generation of emails that get sent to personnel detailing their jobs for the week.
  • It has been deployed on a mix of Windows O.S. and Mac O.S. computers, using peer-to-peer hosting for local and remote access.
Point of interest

This custom database application has a routine for processing order emails from the customer’s website; the routine auto-creates the order, creates a new customer or attaches the order to an existing one and adjusts the stock of each book on the order.