Wow, what a year 2013 is turning out to be! We have received three commissions and, much like the bears that Goldilocks annoyed, one is small, one is medium-sized and one is large. (‘Yes’, if you’re wondering; I do have children.)

  • We have been asked by a medical research group to write a mobile app, for iOS (Apple) and Android devices, that provides social networking and collaboration functions.
  • We have been asked to write a custom database (in FileMaker) for a specialist pharmacy, to manage the entire process from prescription receipt to medicine dispatch.
  • And we have been asked to write another custom database (also in FileMaker) for an engineering company, managing the company’s jobs for its customers plus replacing their existing accounts package (providing payroll as well as sales and purchase ledgers).

What is more, these are commissions for three new clients, so we are delighted to welcome them and are looking forward to giving them the excellent service – in our opinion! – that we give all our existing customers.

So, as you can imagine, we are very busy, but we will try to update this blog a little more frequently than we have been doing of late.

‘Bye for now.

(Photo of ant by ‘yenhoon’, who used to be available atĀ but whose current website is unknown.)