Foundation for growth

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I was being productive (insert alternative word here – literary ed.) on Twitter the other day and noticed a tweet from a client proudly stating how successful their presence at an industry event in the Middle East had been and another tweet stating that their new business venture in the United Arab Emirates has been launched. My mind drifted back to a tweet from the same client a few months back, in which a record business turnover figure was announced. This then got me thinking… Perhaps we have played a small part in this client’s success? (“No!” – client ed.)

You see, we write custom FileMaker database apps that speed up, often dramatically, the performance of back-office and management functions within organisations. These functions – purchasing, invoicing, scheduling, resourcing, cost-tracking, reporting – all have to be done by someone. Our custom FileMaker database apps allow our clients to do more back-office functions with less staff. They take the place of multiple disparate – and often uncommunicative – systems, spreadsheets, text documents, accounts packages, post-it notes, etc.  Our custom FileMaker database apps enable our clients to focus more on their core tasks. Reducing the time taken to perform back-office and management functions both reduces their cost and enables more resource to be put towards more directly-productive tasks such as marketing.

More importantly, our custom FileMaker database apps are scaleable, allowing our clients to grow without proportionately increasing the time and effort it takes to perform the back-office functions. By automating, for example, the generation of invoice PDFs and then sending them out by email, there is no difference to the client’s accounts staff if they are sending out ten invoices or a hundred: they click the button and the database app takes over.

So it’s no stretch (yes it is – client ed.) to say that our custom FileMaker database apps provide organisations with a solid foundation for growth.

ChartAlmost exactly three years ago, Adstock Bulk Solutions started a road haulage business, from scratch. They got seed funding and, with some of that seed funding, invested in a custom FileMaker database app that we call ‘BulkMaster’. They knew pretty much what core functionality they wanted it to have – and they knew there was nothing off-the-shelf that quite met their needs – and we took their requirements, worked with them and suggested numerous enhancements that enabled staff efficiency to be maximised. For Adstock Bulk Solutions, this last aim was critical. You see, they started with only two employees.

In these three years, Adstock Bulk Solutions has been very successful. In year one, their turnover doubled. In year two, their turnover increased by another 50%. The number of trucks they have on the road has increased from 9 in year 1, to 22 in year 2 and now to 30 in year 3. They are only now about to employ a third member of staff.

The driving force behind Adstock Bulk Solutions is Fergus O’Kelly. He states that:

If we had used spreadsheets it would have been a (snip – bad word ed.)-ing disaster.

Fergus continues:

We wouldn’t have been able to grow so rapidly without the solid system to manage the trucks, jobs, clients and invoicing.

Using the knowledge we have gained in producing this haulage product has allowed our company to grow too. BulkMaster v1 has spawned BulkMaster v2, which is being used by another road haulage client and is about to be launched as a stand-alone product.

So if you’re looking for a foundation for growing your business, contact us to discuss how we can help.