Filemaker Developers

We develop, improve and support custom FileMaker database applications; we mentor and train.

FileMaker developers: screenshot of a custom FileMaker database application

We are FileMaker Developers!

We write custom database applications using FileMaker. FileMaker is extremely powerful database software that enables the rapid development of business software solutions. With FileMaker we can build applications that can manage any process for any organisation in any business sector.

Some of the things we’ve done are:

  • Contacts, warehousing, sales and packing database for a bar snacks importer.
  • Plant maintenance database for a manufacturing company with a PHP-driven web front-end and custom built iPad forms on a FileMaker back-end.
  • PHP-driven print sales web-site with a FileMaker back-end for a world-renowned photographer.
  • Script receipt and review database for a short film competition run by a media organisation and a mobile phone company.
  • Engineering forms on an iPad, built in FileMaker Go and synchronised with a FileMaker database back-end.
  • Global orders, fulfilment and reporting database covering the multi-billion dollar orderbook for a global telecommunications company.
  • Contacts, quotes, jobs, scheduling, invoicing and cashflow database for a power industry contractor.
  • Job management and scheduling database for a truck haulage company, including automated SMS messages with job details sent to drivers.
  • Maintenance activities, staff deployment and contractor management database for a public housing contractor.
  • Contacts, communications, warehousing, sales, packing and dispatch database for a furniture retailer.
  • Membership, campaigns, donations and subscriptions database for a charity.
  • Project, client and communications management database for a change management consultancy.
  • Class, student and teacher scheduling database for a university.
  • Web-based cancer treatments and practitioners database for a charity.
FileMaker developers: screenshot of a custom FileMaker database application

Our services

As FileMaker developers, there are many ways in which we can help you:

  • Filemaker development. We can build you a custom FileMaker database application that allows you to manage and share your data in many different ways.
  • Repair and improve. We can improve an existing FileMaker database by adding functionality or enhancing the user interface or by identifying and resolving coding or hardware problems affecting database performance.
  • Mentoring and training. We can work with you to provide mentoring and/or to train your staff in how to develop with FileMaker.
  • Data export and migration. We can migrate data from other business systems (such as S.Q.L. or Access databases or even Excel spreadsheets), either as a one-off exercise or through an automated interface; we can clean data within databases; or we can migrate data away from FileMaker to alternative systems.
  • Filemaker upgrade. We can migrate FileMaker databases from one version to the next. For many version changes, all that is required is a quick check that the database has not been affected by any changed logic between the FileMaker versions. For upgrades to version 7 or version 12, however, there is a file format change. We can help with these version migrations.

Why FileMaker?

We have been FileMaker developers since 1996. In that time, we have developed an understanding of what makes FileMaker so appealing as a database platform:

Manages data

1The obvious one, to start with… it manages data very well. It makes your data work! A well-designed database – such as the one you will get from us – ensures that a piece of data is entered only once and then automatically used wherever it needs to be throughout the system. Not only that, it can present that data in a variety of ways, such as lists, summary reports, cross-tab reports and graphs and charts, both on-screen and in various output forms.

Outputs to Excel and PDF

2FileMaker writes natively to P.D.F. and Excel files. We tend – depending on the requirements of any particular customer – to build one simple output process that enables the user to select from the various options at point of output. As well as generating the output, FileMaker can email it automatically.

FileMaker Go

3FileMaker has published versions of its database software that run on iOS, i.e. on the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. And FileMaker Go is no poor relation: it is extremely well-featured and enables direct, immediate read-and-write access to your FileMaker database across Wifi or mobile data network. This makes it ideal for situations like warehousing, stock control, auditing… anything where you currently have people walking around with paper worksheets or forms.


4FileMaker can import data from individual files or complete folder contents, from digital cameras, from X.M.L. sources (including on-line) and from O.D.B.C. sources. It can read-and-write directly from-and-to external data sources.


5FileMaker can publish databases securely to the web. It uses technology called WebDirect for simpler, more immediate needs, or can be used as a back-end for a P.H.P.-driven site. This functionality enables us to take your database further and/or provide different options when you’re working out the potential cost of a database design project.

The FileMaker platform