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BulkMaster is bulk haulage software


BulkMaster is easily-customisable next-generation bulk haulage software so you can run your business efficiently and in one place with fewer resources.

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Patient questionnaires completed on Android tablets

Questionnaire software for Android tablets

A custom FileMaker database that generates questionnaire software for Android tablets; the database collates and analyses responses

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Screenshot Of Logistics And Billing System

Logistics and billing

A custom database application that manages trucks, customers, suppliers, logistics and billing for a road haulage company.

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Screenshot Of Project Management System

Project management

A custom database application that manages projects, clients and communications for a change management consultancy.

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Screenshot Of Wine Tasting App

Wine tasting app

A mobile app to deliver video content about wine tasting, teaching the user how to do it and what to look for.

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Screenshot Of University Class Scheduling System

University class scheduling

A custom database application that schedules teachers, classes, rooms and courses for a Japanese university.

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Screenshot Of Book Inventory And Sales System

Book inventory and sales

A custom database application that manages stock, authors, customers, sales and events for a poetry publisher.

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Screenshot Of Iphone Tutorial App

Video tutorial app

A mobile app in which the user can choose from a selection of videos that teach them how to keep bees.

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Screenshot Of Job Management System

Job management

A custom database application that manages contacts, quotes, jobs, invoicing and cash-flow forecasting for a power industry contractor.

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