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There is what-has-been-described-as a catastrophic bug affecting hundreds of thousands of websites worldwide. The bug, first publicly reported on April 7, has been labelled ‘Heartbleed’ and occurs within the software used to create a secure connection whenever a user accesses a website such as an online bank, a shop, an email provider and so on. The software is called OpenSSL …

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Identity hack

Shredded Paper

A cautionary tale has emerged in the last few days centring around a person who works for Wired magazine who suddenly found his various online accounts being hacked and, at the same time, his Apple devices being wiped. It is a stunning illustration of how social engineering, company security policies and a sprinkling of individual naïveté can allow chaos to …

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Mac O.S. threats


Mac security company Intego has discovered a new Trojan called “OSX/Crisis” (nice name). It works in OSX versions 10.6 (“Snow Leopard”) and 10.7 (“Lion”). There is no word on whether it works on 10.8 (“Mountain Lion”), which is available for purchase from the Mac App Store today. The worrying feature of this Trojan is that it installs silently, without requiring a password. Intego …

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This week’s kerfuffle about LinkedIn, eHarmony and being hacked reinforces the fact that there is no such thing as a totally secure online service. I have no idea whether or not LinkedIn and eHarmony carry out best practice with regards to user credentials – and some commentators think not (see the quote towards the bottom of this NY Times article) …

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