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Foundation for growth

Bulkmaster Photo

I was being productive (insert alternative word here – literary ed.) on Twitter the other day and noticed a tweet from a client proudly stating how successful their presence at an industry event in the Middle East had been and another tweet stating that their new business venture in the United Arab Emirates has been launched. My mind drifted back to a …

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Wow, what a year 2013 is turning out to be! We have received three commissions and, much like the bears that Goldilocks annoyed, one is small, one is medium-sized and one is large. (‘Yes’, if you’re wondering; I do have children.) What is more, these are commissions for three new clients, so we are delighted to welcome them and are …

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New website


Welcome to our new-look website. We decided to overhaul our website for a number of reasons, the most important one of which, by far, is that we had found – much to our embarrassment – that the previous version of our website was not as responsive to browsers on mobile devices as we wanted. In fact, on phones the user …

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Working and cycling


We’ve not posted for a while. We seem to have been working non-stop for a couple of months. In early September we began working for a new client, supporting a social media platform and investigating the feasibility of developing a mobile app for it. We also have a number of ongoing projects, some for clients, some being internally developed as …

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iPad video project


We have completed the first phase in an interesting iPad video project. The app combines interactive pages with video, text and sound effects. It’s an extremely interesting and exciting project but also, unfortunately, top secret.

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