About Us

A little bit about us!

Lambert/rubicon is a limited company based in the U.K. but with customers all over the world. It was formed in September 2011 following the merger of Lambert/rubicon with Purethinking. Lambert/rubicon (prior to the merger) had traded since 1996, offering business management consultancy and custom database software development; while Purethinking had traded since 2004, offering custom database software development too but also with computer network maintenance and mobile software development.

Having worked collaboratively on a number of projects for over four years, the merger seemed natural. Anthony Lambert, owner of the original incarnation of Lambert/rubicon, and Kelton Turvey say:

Anthony Lambert


“Joining forces with Purethinking is a natural and positive move. Kelton’s company has a skill-set that complements mine, allowing us to offer an enhanced suite of services to our customers. Take a look around and see what our team can do for you.”

Kelton Turvey


“We are excited about this merger. We have ambitious growth plans and are building a team to help us meet them. Why not join us!”