FileMaker, mobile and web applications, network support and managed services

What we do

FileMaker developers

1We are FileMaker developers. We write custom database applications using FileMaker. FileMaker is extremely powerful database software that enables the rapid development of business software solutions. With FileMaker we build applications that can manage any process for any organisation in any business sector.

We write custom database applications for charities, universities, engineering companies, non-governmental organisations, research bodies and public relations organisations (to cherry-pick a few).

We provide mentoring and training to organisations, guiding their staff on how to develop their own in-house FileMaker expertise. And we provide on-going long-term support for FileMaker databases and the networks on which they run.

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Mobile developers

2We are mobile developers. We write mobile applications for iOS devices (i.e. iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch) and Android devices (phones and tablets). Organisations no longer want their staff stuck to the desk: work is more efficient when done at source.

For example, we write forms that are completed by engineers on their iPads or tablets to verify on-site activities; the data are sent back to the office so that back-office personnel can produce PDFs for the clients and can invoice for the work.

We also produce questionnaires that are completed on tablets by patients in a waiting room; the responses are analysed before the consultation with the doctor has finished. We write native mobile apps or deploy database front-end using FileMaker Go, whichever method is best for our client.

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Web developers

3We are web developers. We write web applications, typically database-driven. We use either FileMaker and its WebDirect technology, FileMaker and PHP to create custom web solutions or MySQL and PHP. The technology mix that we use depends entirely on what will work best for the client.

Using web technology can be a cost-effective way of providing wide access to a FileMaker database. For example, we provided the engineers within a manufacturing plant with the ability to access a FileMaker maintenance application via web browsers in a wide variety of devices (both desktop and mobile) using FileMaker and PHP.

We are also developing solutions based on the internet of things, connecting remote sensors to databases to provide real-time monitoring and analytics.

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